Welcome to WillmaX Power
Our Quality System Has Successfully Meet The Strict Requirements Of The Airline Suppliers Association And The FAA Advisory Circular.

We are a major international supplier of commercial aircraft, military aircraft parts and equipment. We support airlines, governments, overhaul facilities, MRO's and OEM's around the world. We started our journey in 1972 and we're providing continuous service.

Our tasks required to ensure the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft or aircraft part, including overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect rectification, and the embodiment of modifications, compliance with airworthiness directives and repair. We have highly trained technicians (AMTs) inspect and perform or supervise maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems.

Our range of capabilities covers all line and base maintenance activities at your home base, on your stations or in our base maintenance facilities. It includes technicians, tooling and logistics support for both scheduled and unplanned servicing.